Work-Life Balance Is Contribution

Most of us spend 50% of our week at work, on average 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s between 40-50 hours of our 105-hour waking week. Some work much more at a job they dislike, and some far less doing what they love.

The bottom line is more than 60% of the global workforce are disengaged. They don’t like their job, they don’t like their manager, they are there for the money, and they don’t feel part of something bigger than themselves.

What sort of quality of life do you think these people have?

“There is no work life and private life, we have one life and this is how to live it, as one!” – Timothy J. Carroll

To improve life’s balance, I recommend to my clients to get involved in the act of contribution. Whether it be random acts of kindness, like filling up someone’s parking meter or getting involved in a community project. The act of service supports you in thinking about others before yourself. 

We can be so egocentric, that we forget that we are part of a greater world that supports us and nourishes us daily. It is our responsibility to take care of it, and she needs our support more than ever. 

Give your time to a cause you believe will make a difference in the world. This is leadership. Through serving others, you are an inspirational Leader who makes a genuine impact on people and the world around you.