The 4 Ways That You Can Drive Top Performance Remotely Today

I learnt many years ago studying cognitive behavioral sciences is that in communication ‘she who sets the frame runs the game.’ In the training it was called the ‘Frame Game’ and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we are having frames set on top of us every other day. The game has changed completely, the question is how are you going to respond to it.

I thought it would be good to have a look at some frames that you can set for yourself that will shift up your game and help you get back in the driver’s seat. Here are my top 4 that I am running inside to support my mindset. 

  1. The more uncertain things become the more certain I feel as I stay open to infinite possibilities. 
  2. I have infinite choices and ways to respond to what life throws at me. 
  3. I accept life as it is, not as I wish it to be. I let go of struggling against the moment.
  4. I am respons-able, able to respond creatively to situations, circumstances and people.  

What would be your top 3-5 frames to keep at the forefront of your mind in these challenging times?

Changing it up, so many of us are now at home by choice or not, working or not but home we are. My son’s University has been cancelled for the rest of the semester and so he finds himself at home studying online until September. A big game-changer for him.

I was talking to a client today and he sent home his whole office, 100’s of people. It got me thinking of all those millions of people, over 200 million around the world who are now social distancing at home to prevent the spread. What can we do to help them as companies, leaders, teams to stay engaged, motivated and performing?


Fingerprint for Success is an online People Analytics tool that develops high performing people, leaders, teams and cultures. Here is how this revolutionary platform can put you back in the driver’s seat today.

  1. There is so much that is out of your control now so one secret of success is to really focus in on what you can control. For most businesses and their leaders that is their people, teams and culture. Developing these key areas will put you back in the driver’s seat setting you up for success now and in the future.
  2. As a leader, you can benchmark your mindset against some of the world-best leaders and discover your strengths and blindspots. Use the platform or a certified consultant to support you in upgrading your mindset and results. 
  3. People in teams have a natural need to understand how they work together. F4S allows teams to connect with each other online to understand each other’s motivations at work. This drives high performing individuals and teams.
  4. If you are hiring a freelancer or new person for a role, F4S allows you to see their motivations at work, if they match the role, how they will work with you, you can even write a job description using the tool to clarify key motivations.
  5. Some people like to work in a group environment where they are motivated to have others around and some in a solo environment where they like to work on their own. With so many working at home with their spouses and families around, F4S can help you understand your style so you can set up your home environment for productivity according to your needs.

‘If you are not growing then you are dying’, or another one is ‘adapt or die’. We need to adapt to the new game and as leaders of ourselves, families and companies the mission has to be to focus on what we can control, our people and drive high performance. 

How are you going to secure your legacy? What are you going to do to thrive? How will you lead and what decisions are you going to make?

Timothy J. Carroll


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