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Sometimes company leaders can benefit from group training and workshop sessions. Maybe your top-end or middle managers need to sharpen their coaching skills, ability to engage staff, or boost sales using new approaches and skills.

Conducted on or off your premises and based on expertise in cognitive behavioural sciences, our trainings and workshop offerings will help your team think and behave differently, and deliver greater results.

Studies show that up to 80% of management training goes in one ear and out the other. Our programmes incorporate exercises, responsibilities and specific accountability – making sure the learning your leaders acquire becomes truly habitual. Because of this, you’ll see a fast return on investment from any CCG training session or workshop.

When designing a bespoke training or workshop, we start by listening to exactly what you want to achieve, and then create a unique, tailored solution to meet your needs. Participants can complete our modules over time, or in accelerated form via back-to-back sessions plus subsequent supportive coaching.

We also offer a series of Signature Workshops, which are well respected in the market:

  • Evolutionary Leadership
  • The Leadership Coach
  • The Engagement Solution
  • Evolutionary Selling

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