Tom Brady: What Leaders Can Learn From Him

What a Super Bowl, a record-breaking event with all 31 records broken or matched by the 2 teams playing. Without a doubt, the star of the show Tom Brady has been dubbed the greatest football player of all time after winning his 5th Super Bowl.

Greatness in this sense is defined by his ability to win and to perform under pressure in key moments, not just on the 25 NFL records he holds.

Over his 16-year tenure at The New England Patriots he has played in 7 Super Bowls, won 5 of them and has been nominated as MVP in 4.

He has the nickname ‘the comeback kid’ which was given for his ability to comeback from behind and win games. Just as he did on Sunday in the best comeback in Super Bowl history, down by 25 points and executing an uninterrupted 31-point run to win.

“To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it’s digging deep, it’s doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms.” – Tom Brady

What is it that we can all learn from Tom Brady to support us in being greater than we think we are. Here are 3 qualities that I have recognised that can make a difference right now:

  1. Self-Belief – Being scrawny & slow did not matter to Tom. He believes that he is great and as what we believe is what we achieve he became the greatest player in the history of American Football. Muhammad Ali was the same and proclaimed it for all to hear. The power of belief is Tom’s inner weapon that slays all competition. What are your beliefs? What do you need to believe?
  2. Never Say Die – Tom has an ability to perform in clutch situations and come back and win the game. This is the calling sign of many great athletes. When the pressure comes on they rise to the occasion and perform. This level of mastery is achieved by the ability to stay in the moment, not allowing the outer circumstances to affect your state and presence. Tom plays to win in every moment, and believes he and his team can get it across the line no matter what the circumstances.
  3. Outstanding Leadership – It has been reported by colleagues and friends that Tom has the ability to inspire greatness in others. This is a quality of a great Leader, to inspire others to be all they can be. Not just by his leadership on the field through his example, but also by his caring heart and knowing what to say to motivate each person in his team. He shows that he cares, therefore others allow him to lead them to greatness.