The 4 Tips to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Tonight we moved into full lockdown over Easter, unable to leave our property until Tuesday 5am next week. Before this, we were under a 24-hour curfew only allowed to leave your property to buy food and to exercise on the, guess where, the road near your property. 

The consequences are large fines or even jail for up to 18 months. This will now be occurring every weekend until further notice with the 24-hour curfew in place during the workweek, allowing essential travel only.

The beaches are closed, restaurants, hotels, all businesses, alcohol is banned, borders are closed and essentially the economy is frozen. People are going out of business, unemployment is going up dramatically and the government is predicting a $2.3 billion hit this year putting the Bahamas in jeopardy of economic suicide. 

If too many businesses go bankrupt and unemployment is too high then it will be very difficult to restart the economy when needed, even with a stimulus package to try to get people and businesses through this difficult time.

It is important to focus on what you can control. For those of you working from home here are 4 tips to stay productive and engaged in your role. 

How to Transcend This Crisis and Lead

I am a New Zealander born in Wellington City, the capital. New Zealand is hugely dependent on tourism like the Bahamas with 4 million visitors a year. On March 19, Jacinda Arden the Prime Minister shut down NZ’s borders and on the 25th she moved the country into a full lockdown for 4 weeks.

Their approach is elimination, not containment, not to flatten the curve but to stamp it out completely. After 2 weeks the results are outstanding. After peaking at 89 new cases a day on April 2nd new cases have dropped down to 54 per day as of Tuesday this week. They are on the downhill slope of the curve already.

New Zealand does not have numbers of people overwhelming hospitals with little evidence of community transmission. There has been only 1 death of an elderly woman who had existing health problems. 

New Zealand has taken a contrarian stance compared to most other western countries as has Iceland, see their live statistics from their government testing program here on their website. Sweden too which is open for business and trusting its citizens to social distance and follow the government’s rules. Sweden has one of the youngest populations in Europe with the highest number of people living alone in their own apartments. Sweden is also doing much better than in other western countries.

World-leading scientists not paid by governments are also pushing back on their government’s methods to deal with the virus that has disastrous economic, social and wellness effects. Like Professor Knut Wittkowski former 20 year head of the Rockefeller University Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and research design. Listen to him being interviewed here and make sure you take notes. 

“Well, I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science.”

– Professor Knut Wittkowski

All I am saying is do your own research of world leaders in the field and then act based on your own information. Don’t be brainwashed by mainstream state-backed media and follow the masses like a sheep, be a Lion and lead the way based on what the best of the best in the world are saying, based on independent experts and their consensus. 

Be an Evolutionary Leader, the world needs you to lead, it’s time to evolve our mindset, transcend this dogma and lead humanity out of this mess together.