The 3 Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind For Success

This coming Saturday is Nowruz or the Persian New Year. It corresponds with the spring solstice which signals the beginning of spring and the end of winter. 

Having been celebrated for over 3000 years, many traditions including the Persian one, take the time to spring clean their homes amongst other things like buying new clothes and having a family celebration to bring in the new year. 

Spring cleaning supports the clearing out of the old energy from the year past and welcoming in the new. 

Every year my wife and I partake in this ritual, so today out came the dusters and cleaning cloths, and together we spent half the day vacuuming and spring cleaning the property.

I love this time of year. Daylight saving kicks in, the evenings are longer and the days here in the Bahamas are just beautiful with blue skies and oceans, before the wet hot summer arrives. It’s the best time of year to come on holiday here.

By the way, it’s not just important to make way for the new by cleaning your house and cupboards. It’s also important to clean out your mind, especially your sub-conscious mind.

3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

Your sub-conscious is the part of you that does everything without you having to think about it. It is in charge of all your learning, change, and behavior. It runs your body, is in charge of your energy and remembers everything in detail. 

In fact it operates very much like the hard drive of your computer. Now and then your computer will start to slow down and need a cleanup or service. It’s exactly the same with our sub-conscious. 

The following are 3 ways that you can spring clean your mind as spring returns in 2021, allowing the new and fresh to come into your life.

1. Identify negative beliefs that cause negative results and consequences in your life by asking the question…What do I believe that has been producing negative results in my life? Write it down.

2. Access a time when you said NO to someone or something. A super-strong NO THAT’S BULLSHIT! Amplify it so it’s super strong inside.

3. Apply that strong feeling to the belief with the intention of destroying it. Use your voice, physiology, and energy to destroy that old belief as you repeat saying NO THAT’S BULLSHIT until you feel it is dead.

Congratulations you have just cleaned out your sub-conscious mind and completed some effective spring cleaning.  

If you want to plant something fresh and new then read up on 5 steps to program your subconscious mind for success here.

You are the master of your mind and your results. Build the person you want to become starting today and never give up until you get there.