“Your full potential is found in the present moment.”

— Timothy J. Carroll, Author of The Evolutionary Leader

ev-ba-shortHAVING BEEN INVOLVED in a myriad of sports at a young age, I decided to commit to barefoot water-skiing when I was 16. I learnt to water-ski when I was 10 and barefoot water-ski at the age of 12. Over the period of a 16-year career, I went on to represent New Zealand and compete in 4 world championships. Sport was my focus, and I was committed to improving my performance and being the best skier I could possibly be.

After turning 21, I came to a roadblock on my journey. It seemed that it didn’t matter how much physical or technical training I did, I just wasn’t improving. So I looked into the mental side of sport and sports psychology. I was introduced to a local sports psychologist in Wellington, and we started to do some work together. Learning new techniques and having breakthroughs, as well as someone to talk with, started to pay dividends.

My performance began to improve, and I started breaking personal bests in competitions. I was on to something, and it dawned on me that the mental game of sport was just as important, if not more so, than the physical game.

This turning point started me on a path that has led to a career which has spanned the last 20 years and encompassed learning from some of the best performance coaches/experts in the world, then starting my own business and working with world-class athletes and leaders, helping them perform to their potential. Having worked with hundreds of clients, I have consistently seen that results come and performance improves when people learn about, embrace, and begin to work with their mental/emotional game, as well as their physical and technical one. This is working with the whole person. Sport, like business, is a game that is played in the mind as much as with the body. It is to this endeavour that I share what I have learned through trial and error, as well as from the world’s best to support you, the reader, to be all you can be and leave your legacy in the world, making it a better place.

~ Timothy J. Carroll


What makes Timothy different?

Timothy Carroll

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William-Trubridge“Timothy offered a unique insight into the techniques available for overcoming psychological hurdles and developing mental confidence in sports, with examples from his sporting career and from the athletes that he has worked closely with as a mental coach. He was able to relate to the students on many levels and always had a keen and vibrant energy that brought out the best in everyone.”

William Trubridge | Triple World Record Holding Freediver

peter-johanssen-bw“Timothy has been a supremely inspiring consultant for me every step of the way, in turning the Business Unit I am leading around, from a 5-year sales decrease, into the fastest growing Business Unit in the company. This was accomplished in one year. At the same time, we improved profitability and dramatically improved employee satisfaction.”

Peter Johansson | when he was Vice President, Industry Business Unit – Schneider Electric Sverige AB

david-nicholl“Working with Timothy was life changing. I have become more skillful at identifying the developmental needs of my employees through having both the flexibility to observe in person and assess utilising dedicated tools. I am now able to coach people not just on knowledge and skills but at a higher level to help them change their behaviours leading to higher performance. I am more present and less judgemental. This has allowed me listen more intently, take more responsibility for my own outcomes, & be more humble. If you are looking to take your leadership capability to the next level then Timothy is the man for the job. Every leader should have this opportunity.”

David Nicholl | Country Director UK & Ireland – Rockwell Automation

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