The 3 Things To Support You To Be The Best

The Last Dance, is a Netflix documentary on the Chicago Bulls NBA team when they were at their prime. I watched it earlier this year during lockdown in The Bahamas and learnt so much. 

Following are some of the takeaways that I got that can immediately translate into your life to support you in being all you can be.

Confidence – this state in the midst of battle is critical for top performance. Confidence in yourself and confidence in your team. Without it you are dead in the water, lost in the jungle. The same applies in life. Confidence is the single most underestimated tool in your arsenal for top performance. Step into it first thing in the morning and condition yourself to hold onto it the whole day.

Motivation – find what it is that motivated you the most. Is it a big problem you need to solve or is it a goal that you must achieve or both? Every person’s motivation is unique. Michael Jordan would imagine things during the game that had not happened and use this imagery to motivate himself to play to his best. The unconscious does not know the difference between an imagined experience and a real one. 

The Next Level – the greats had the ability to be able to stay focused, sharp, clear, and still inside. They could step up and take it to the next level when really needed. They had a hunger to win and hated to lose. The dialogue between the players is incredible. Pushing each other, sometimes praising, sometimes whipping. Their body language is bulletproof combined with the words they become unstoppable. 

Hunger To Be The Best

Every top athlete that I have had the pleasure of coaching or hanging out with has this incredible hunger to be the best. I know that was the case for me when I was a Barefoot Waterskier representing New Zealand. There is an obsession with getting better and making that 1% gain today.

The best focus on themselves and constantly improving. They use the competition to motivate themselves to work harder, and harder again. Every day is about pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This is true in life. Choose commitment over convenience, impact over income and double down on your goals right now. 

What can you imagine that would motivate you? How can you use your past to create massive hunger and action? The world needs you, Leaders are made not born. Don’t die with your dreams still inside of you, die empty having left it all on the court. Burn bright and light up the world one life at a time. Let’s Gooooooo People!!!