The Launch of The Evolutionary Leader

What the World Really Needs Right Now 

It’s exciting that many are becoming leaders that make a difference in the world. Transformational and evolutionary leadership is direly needed in the world now.

My journey began when I injured my knee while playing rugby. I decided to commit to barefoot water skiing, a sport my father was involved in during the early 70’s. By that time, I was heavily exposed to the sport and eventually embarked on a 16-year career. I eventually went on to represent New Zealand and compete in four World Championships.

I faced a major setback on my journey after I turned 21. No matter how much physical and technical training I did, I just wasn’t improving. This made me look into the mental aspect of sports and sport psychology.

I worked with a local psychologist in Wellington, who taught me new techniques and helped me have a breakthrough. My performance began to improve. I began to break personal bests.

This turning point, including the mentoring I received from some of the best performance coaches/experts in the world, started me on a path that has led to a career which spanned two decades.

I want to make a difference in the world.

Different kinds of leaders have come to me for support through the years. I’ve seen a clear pattern of needing help in terms of deficiency in knowledge of what makes people tick.

  • They want to learn how to get the best out of themselves.
  • They want to learn how to get the best out of their people.
  • They want to support their people to consistently achieve top performance not just in their careers but in their whole lives.

This cannot happen overnight. We always start with ourselves first so that we can be the change we want to see in the world and become role models to others of what is possible.

We need to transform and evolve our leadership in order to create a top performing culture that is engaged and self-motivated. Only then can we see sustainable growth in our businesses.

The science of behavioral change and human potential is vast. You need to understand different things that drive you in order to BE successful.

This is where my upcoming book, The Evolutionary Leader, excels the most. It provides 5 lessons for top performance that can be applied to any context and allow you to break through to the next level. It will revolutionize how you think, feel, and be and help you perform at a consistent level.

Are you ready to take things to the next level?

The Evolutionary Leader is a must-read guidebook for everyone. People just like me and you, who have to potential to transform and evolve. It will be available for purchase at Amazon on June 7.


The Evolutionary Leader by Timothy J. Carroll

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 “Timothy J. Carroll describes, in an easy to read way, how the human mind functions and how leaders make use of it. He reveals how to shift your performance and understanding of how you work as a human being. These steps are simple yet powerful and get dramatic results for the reader.”                                                      

H. Arne Maus, Main Developer & Senior Consultant, Identity Compass / Author of “Forget about Motivation”


I had been waiting on the edge of my seat to read The Evolutionary Leader and I can put my signature on it and say that this will take my coaching to the next level. Thanks Timothy for leading me to the Path and being my guide when I was in need of it!”                                                                                                                          

Lee Baxter, Head Goalkeeper Coach, Supersport United FC, South African Premier League


What an enlightening book Timothy J. Carroll has given us based on his practical experience as a world class athlete and consultant of leaders in multinational companies. If you don’t read any other book except The Evolutionary Leader this year, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for the tools of change.”                        

Christer Sjostrom, when he was Senior Vice President, Nordic-Baltic Zone – Solutions and Services at Schneider Electric


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