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5 Steps To Dramatically Develop People & Performance

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About Timothy

Timothy J. Carroll is a Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Keynote Speaker. He has worked with some of the world’s most successful companies, leaders, and sport clubs; helping them dramatically develop their people & performance. Timothy is a recognised leader in the field of performance development, with decades of experience from three continents. He has represented New Zealand at four World Championships, competing for over 16 years. Timothy currently resides with his family in the Bahamas.


“Anyone interested in taking her/his performance to another level will treasure The Evolutionary Leader. It describes simple, yet powerful, principles that deliver dramatic results. I love the principles of “do less and achieve more” and “presence equals performance” but find it actually difficult to highlight these 2 since I consider the whole book as an extraordinary asset for my personal development.”

Thomas Träger

CEO, Zone President Nordic Baltic Countries

“I liked all 5 areas, really enjoyed reading about being in the present and now, lots of self reflection going on there for me. Really also enjoyed how you expressed the importance of personal movement and diet. Great references to books, some I have read and some I will soon. As someone who can sometimes suffers with anxious thoughts/fears I think I have found a method in re-approaching from your book. After reading the book, I just had a thought that any leader would benefit from reading your book. I would really like some time in the future to be coached by you.”

Dan Scott

Director Heating Segment at Danfoss

“Timothy J. Carroll, with the agility of the athlete he is, leads us through the rules and regimens of evolutionary leadership with precision and skill, to help you dramatically improve performance—yours and others’.”

Alan Weiss, PhD

Author of Million Dollar Consulting, Million Dollar Maverick, and over 60 other books

“A new model for leadership success. Timothy J. Carroll’s The Evolutionary Leader will not only lift your performance but shift your understanding of yourself and others as human beings.”

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Investor

“Timothy J. Carroll dissects the way our mind works when we’re performing, whether that’s on a sports field or in a boardroom. Having laid bare the mechanisms of the conscious and subconscious minds, he then shows you how to ‘be super present’ and take the way you operate to the next level.”

William Trubridge

World Champion and Double World Record Holding Freediver

“A powerful, easy-to-read, and hugely inspiring book. If you are willing to truly understand how you work as a person, The Evolutionary Leader will help you dramatically improve your leadership skills.”

Peter Johansson

CEO at Image Systems AB