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Team Flow: 5 ways to create an ego-free team culture for peak performance

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A team of people working together focused on a mission and without ego. This is where high-level creativity, productivity, and innovation occur. This is where magic happens.

We’re social creatures, hard-wired to enjoy working with groups on missions that are bigger than ourselves. This behavior is so essential to us that cognitive scientists have referred to it as Team Flow. If flow describes a state of consciousness where high performance is achieved automatically and without effort, Team Flow is when a group of people working together achieve this powerful state, simultaneously.

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How to tell if you have a good coach or a great coach

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Many people these days call themselves coaches. Really, all you need is a website and a business card that says executive coach on it. This low barrier to entry makes it difficult for businesses to distinguish between a good coach and the kind of coach and consultant who can become a long-term business partner and deliver true transformation to a leader, team or whole organization.

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