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Wanted: Mindful Makers. Are you one?

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We are searching for mindful decision-makers. Are you one?

Every day we are faced with choices. We experience three types of choices on a daily basis: primary, secondary, and fundamental.

  1. Primary choices decide the one thing we want most.
  2. Secondary choices define the daily actions that support our primary choices.
  3. Fundamental choices define our state of being, or our choice to find lifelong transformation.

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8 Building Blocks for Healthier Habits

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8 Building Blocks for Healthier Habits

Ever notice how easy it is to develop and stick with bad habits, yet creating long-lasting healthy ones often feels like an endless challenge? The habits and behaviors we let guide us in life can be tricky to manage. It’s important to push past toxic traits that try to hold us back and embrace positive methods that give us more strength to achieve healthier lifestyles.

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