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Wanted: Mindful Makers. Are you one?

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We are searching for mindful decision-makers. Are you one?

Every day we are faced with choices. We experience three types of choices on a daily basis: primary, secondary, and fundamental.

  1. Primary choices decide the one thing we want most.
  2. Secondary choices define the daily actions that support our primary choices.
  3. Fundamental choices define our state of being, or our choice to find lifelong transformation.

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The 3 Ways To Live A Life Of Courage Every Day

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After being away for 3 months in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain it is time to return home to The Bahamas. This Saturday my family and I will make the trip home via Canada as it is one of a few countries that provides a corridor to The Bahamas from Europe.

It is clear to me that in travelling and living freely while deep in the midst of a global pandemic, life is what you make of it. If you buy into F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) then you let your 2 million-year-old brain take over.

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The 3 Pros And Cons Living Without A Smartphone

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A few weeks back I planned a boat excursion for my wife and I. While launching the boat I walked into the ocean with my phone in my pocket. Consequently, it died and is still dead after being bathed in rice for a number of days. 

Instead of rushing out and buying a new one, I decided to undergo an experiment. To test what it would be like to live without a smartphone. Following are the top 3 results re pros and cons of not owning a smartphone:

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The 4 Critical Things Within The Organisations

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Leadership is required more than ever in this COVID-19 world and according to Gallup and their extensive surveying of the US workforce, a very specific type of Leadership is required in times of crisis. 

When the pressure comes on, employee’s, managers and leaders well being is affected negatively. This hits the bottom line of any company, so the need to create high performance is critical for positive business outcomes. 

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