We just experienced the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on the 21st of December – the shortest day of the year!

The days will now be longer as we are moving into the light. With brighter days on the way, it is now an awesome time to get clear on what you want to make real in 2022.

There’s no denying the uncertainty that lies ahead. Still… no matter what 2022 has in store for us all, you can easily conquer and achieve massive results with the proper tools and an empowered mindset.
Repeat after me: “I am about to step into the best year of my life.”

It’s important to start the year off strong by setting realistic goals and getting into a positive, beautiful state of mind.

Set your sights on a brighter future by setting yourself up for a successful new year NOW. It’s the perfect time to break out the SMART formula…

SMART is a tool that helps provide clarity, focus, and motivation to achieve your goals. It encourages you to define your objectives and set a precise completion date.

Here’s an example: when you are ready to take back control and transform your health, but you are not quite sure how to start or what to do, consider using the steps of the SMART system for outlining goals, as explained below:

  • Specific. Your goal should be clear and focused, so you are genuinely motivated to achieve it. When creating your goal, try to determine exactly what you want to accomplish and why your goal is important to you. Continue reminding yourself of your reasons for your goals by writing them down in a journal or adding them to a vision board, where you will see them every day. This is a critical step to achieving success. Never forget the WHY.
  • Measurable. Having measurable goals allows you to track and assess your progress. For example, instead of “I’m going to drink more water,” try, “I am going to drink at least six 8-oz glasses of water each day.” Then slowly increase this goal by an additional glass over time.
  • Achievable. In order to be successful, your goal should be achievable. If you are new to exercise, don’t expect to run a marathon on your first day, or even run at all. Instead, start with small goals and build your way up! Every little win is a stepping stone toward something bigger, so be sure to celebrate your victories no matter the size.
  • Realistic. You can tell yourself, “I’m never going to miss a workout.” But in reality, unexpected things happen all the time. It’s important to not completely throw away your goals when you hit a bump in the road. Remember to be flexible, allow for wiggle room, and most importantly — be kind to yourself!!
  • Time-based. Every goal should have a target date, so you have a deadline to focus on and work toward. It’s important to give yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve your final objective. Set dates for when you want to accomplish your goals and write them in your calendar. Dedicate and schedule in the time. Having that visual reminder will help keep you accountable. For an additional level of support, find an accountability partner that will keep you on track, such as a CCG coach (Learn more here).

Forming SMART goals is an effective way to provide the clarity you need to end the year strong and start the new year even stronger. Get the results you really want.

Please connect with my team about our coaching offerings by sending us an email here. Having a coach by your side will ensure that your goals and strategies turn into action and create real results in 2022.