How To Reprogram Your Hard Drive To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Step 3: Reprogramming Your Hard Drive

One of the most important things you can learn, if not THE most important thing you can learn in your life is how you work as a human being. We are not born with a user’s manual for the human brain. We are not taught how to get the best out of ourselves in all the years we go to school. Unless we are curious and seek to find out how to improve ourselves we may never know. 

I love the statement I heard many years ago at a seminar I attended by the legend Zig Ziglar. “If it is to be, it is up to me!” This is empowering, and it is up to you and me and all us to be the best we can be. World-class athletes are always striving to improve that extra few percent so they can raise their game, and you have the same opportunity every day.

So with this in mind, I share with you another Secret of Success that will support you in getting the results you want in life. We move into the how, how do you install positive affirming beliefs into your hard drive (unconscious mind) that will create the type of results that you are wanting for yourself and the world we live in?

Remember that what we believe is what we achieve. In the last newsletter and blog, we uncovered how to detect the limiting beliefs that hold you back with Step #1 and Step #2. We are now going to use these to create new belief systems that are the opposite. Empowering, positive, kick-ass beliefs that will always create great results for you and all concerned. 

“What you focus on is what you create. Look at your life and its results today and you will see what you have been focusing on consciously and unconsciously yesterday.”

Exercise 1.

Take your top three to six negative beliefs from Step 2, the three to six beliefs that are supporting and even creating most of the other beliefs you have written down.

Write them down in order of destructiveness, with the most disempowering destructive belief being first and so on. Next to that belief, write down the opposite, empowering, supporting, and positive belief.

Just in the act of becoming aware of your limiting programs, you can now make a change.

What will you choose to believe now? Why will you decide to believe that? Why else? Why else? Write down all the good benefits for why you now decide to choose that new empowering belief.

Exercise 2.

Now, remember a time when you were totally committed to a decision that you made that was very important. Remember a specific time, and go back to that time and see, hear, and feel how good it felt to feel that way.

Make that feeling even stronger now; hold your body in the way you did when you are totally committed to that something that is super important to you.

Holding onto this feeling, look at your new empowering belief and repeat the following statement: “I am committed to_______(your new belief)_______because______(choose a benefit)_______.” 

Repeat that statement above with passion, either inside or out loud, allowing the feelings to strengthen within you. Each time you repeat it, choose a different benefit. Continue to repeat it and watch what happens to how you feel, how you move your body, and how you say this belief as it settles in and becomes a part of you.

How does this new belief make you feel?

What will this new belief support you in accomplishing now?

Who is it that owns this new belief? Do you own it? Can anyone take that away from you?

Repeat this daily until you feel you have embodied it and it resonates with you inside. I look forward to hearing from you re the results that this exercise creates in your life. 

Action: Huddle up with your team, family or kids and ask them: What results are you getting that you are fed up with? How do you want that to be instead?