The Power of Reflection.

Reflection is one of the most powerful and effective tools that we as leaders have at our disposal for success. It helps us grow in awareness of our challenges and successes. We can obtain a new understanding and deeper appreciation for ourselves and our world.
Dear Reader, I challenge you to spend time in December deeply reflecting on this past year and considering what a meaningful life will look like for you in 2022.

Below I have highlighted several key questions that I encourage you to meditate on during your month of reflection:

1. What is My Purpose?

Purpose is the highest meaning in a person’s life. Quiet your mind, look inward, and ask yourself, “Why am I here? How can I be of service? What fills me with passion? How can I use this and help others?” Write your reflections down and regularly refer back to them.

2. What is My Destination?

Where have you been, where are you now, and where are you going? Get clear on what you want to achieve in 2022. Challenge yourself to think long-term. If anything was possible, where would you be in 10 years? Step into your body at that time and envision your life fully, then write it down as if you already have it.

3. How is My Health?

Without our health, we have nothing. Period. It directly impacts performance in life and business. How has your health – physical, mental, and emotional – progressed in 2021? Are you getting proper sleep, eating nutritious meals, staying active? What habits do you have in place that will continue to serve you well in the new year? What habits must be kicked to the curb?

4. What are My Limitations?

What you believe is what you achieve. Discover what has been holding you back – time, money, health, negative beliefs about self or success – and devise a plan to smash through them. Identify and write down the myths you’ve believed about Limitations, as well as the obstacles that get in the way of you breaking through them.

5. Where is My Room for Improvement?

Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time. Deep dive into your results from 2021. Get clear on your strengths, blindspots, key learnings, and feedback from others. Create an action plan for 2022 of constant and neverending improvement (CANI).

6. What Are My Celebrations?

It’s important to remember and recognize your successes, no matter the size. Little wins are just as important to celebrate as big ones. Your accomplishments keep you motivated to move forward. During your time of reflection, remember to reward your efforts for your milestones, even when they are small. Every little victory is a stepping stone to even greater success.


Have any reflections of your own to add to the list? Feel free to reach out or share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear your responses!