The 3 Pros And Cons Living Without A Smartphone

A few weeks back I planned a boat excursion for my wife and I. While launching the boat I walked into the ocean with my phone in my pocket. Consequently, it died and is still dead after being bathed in rice for a number of days. 

Instead of rushing out and buying a new one, I decided to undergo an experiment. To test what it would be like to live without a smartphone. Following are the top 3 results re pros and cons of not owning a smartphone:


  1. I can’t text or call someone when out and about.
  2. People can’t reach me when I am out and about. 
  3. I can’t do business on the go at the touch of a screen.


  1. I am less distracted and more present.
  2. I spend more time on what is essential.
  3. I am more productive because I am more present.

What would you prefer?

Do you think you could live without your phone? Does your phone own you or do you own your phone then?

Before the ocean killed my iPhone, my phone definitely owned me. I was spending hours a day on it. Look to your screen time report for the shocking truth. 

There was a time that humanity did not use smartphones. We functioned well without them and in my experience, we still function well without them, in fact even better than when we have them.

Elon Musk says that human beings are no longer human beings, we are cyborgs because we can not part with our phones and the wifi or cell network that runs them. The next step, technology merges with the physical body. 

When you look to my cons and pros of this experiment, what would you prefer to have? Does your phone own you? What are you going to do about it and how are you going to bring it into balance? What will be the benefits of this for you and your life? 

Challenge: Turn off your phone. That right, I said turn off your phone and put it away in your draw for 7 days and do not touch it. Journal or log your thoughts, feelings, and experience over these 7 days.