The Principle On How To Succeed In Life

Four times a year I schedule an immersive event where I can dive deep into my development as a human being, leader, and peak performance coach/consultant. I find if I don’t schedule the things that matter most in my schedule they just don’t get done. Is that true for you?

This year I decided that I wanted to return to where it all started for me back in 1996. After moving to Sydney Australia, I created a role working with the best personal development company in OZ. They promoted recognized authors like Tony Robbins, so I attended an Unleash the Power Within training having promoted it across the country. It was life-changing and cemented my decision to learn Cognitive Behavioral Sciences with the intention of starting my own business.

24 years later, Tony Robbins is the Mega Star of the personal development and self-education industry having influenced over $50 million people, charging $1 million per day in fees to work with him 1 to 1. Over 4 days last week, 12-14 hours each day, I dived deep into breaking through any limitations, beliefs, and patterns that were holding me back. Again, it was transformational, and a breakthrough was accomplished.

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.”
– Jim Rohn

My philosophy has always been ‘if you want to fly like an eagle, don’t hang around with turkeys.’ In other words, you become who you associate with on a regular basis. This principle helped me to become one of the best Barefoot Waterskiers in the World as well as an internationally recognized performance coach.

This principle is critical for your success in life. Pick people that are better than you, more accomplished, that are experts in what you aren’t. Work with them 1 to 1, read their books, watch their online trainings, and invite them in, immersing yourself in the value they bring to your life. Who have you surrounded yourself with? Do you need to change some people up in your group? Remember, love your family as they are and choose your peers wisely.