Presence equals Effectiveness

The number one thing that stops all people, including Leaders, from being effective is distractions. Distractions from what? From being present with the task at hand. When we are distracted, multi-tasking, finishing things halfway, we are unproductive.

There are two types of distractions to consider:

  1. External distractions – People’s demands, emails, urgent needs and requests
  2. Internal distractions – Past and/or future concerns, stressful feelings, negative or intrusive thoughts

The key to performing to your peak potential is to be Super Present. How? You have to become a master at handling these types of distractions.

World-class athletes know how to do this and they do it well. They practice it over and over again until they maintain their focus. It becomes natural — a deeply ingrained procedure.

Below are three areas of focus that you can use to regularly practice being present and destroy distractions:

1. Environment – Turn off your phone and wifi. Let everyone know that you want privacy and lock your door. Meditate, stretch. If there are still too many distractions then leave and go somewhere that works. Get outside and take a quiet walk in nature.

2. Attention – How you think and feel will determine how you behave. Great athletes focus externally to the point where all internal dialogue stops. If any distracting thoughts or feelings do arise, focus on what you are doing, breathe deeply, and then act.

3. Transition – Can you move from a current task and switch to handle an urgent need, then come right back to the task at hand? It’s all about having a clear intention. For example, staying focused, dealing with it, and then engaging back rather than running forward on another tangent.

To master the above 3 tips is to proactively build your mental muscle towards becoming Super Present and productive. Just remember the acronym E.A.T. for easy application during your day. It takes daily practice and practice makes permanent.

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