Study shows that being mindful is key to high performance

In 2015, I read in the Miami Herald that a University of Miami study showed that mindfulness meditation for soldiers in the months leading up to their deployment can shield them against mental lapses, loss of attention, and a wandering mind.

The study expands the body of evidence that one of the best ways to protect soldiers is by training their own minds to be still, present, and alert: mindful.

The present moment is all you have. The rest are just figments of your mind and don’t exist.

If training to be present helps soldiers to perform to their highest potential, then it can help everyone to perform to their best, stay calm, make better decisions, respond to situations creatively, etc.

The real question is how do you stay super present and not get distracted?

Building this mental muscle is the same as building the physical muscle; it requires consistent training. I suggest taking time every day to just be, sit in silence with your eyes closed for 20 minutes, and focus on your breath. Be in the here and now with your full attention.

Then, take this into your day, staying mindful of the people and places you meet along the way. Notice the results you get. Just the act of focusing on the breath, and noticing when your mind wanders, is all you need to achieve a more mindful way of life. 

See the video above of Sascha Lewis, founder of Flavorpill, who talks about the power of presence and how we can bring mindful practices into our everyday routine.


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