Judgment is one of the root causes of excessive mental activity. The mind loves to judge situations, circumstances, and people. In psychology, this is called projection, which is the unconscious transfer of our thoughts and emotions onto another person. Due to the mind’s inability to accept or tolerate difference in others or the situation, we “judge” it and wish it to be another way.

Typically, this is accompanied by specific emotions, which are experienced at different degrees of strength. Anytime we are judging or someone pushes one of our buttons and we are triggered emotionally, then we know we are projecting. This means it is not about the other person; it is not about the situation or even the circumstance. It is about you and what is going on inside you. The outside situation is triggering a judgement and emotions because you cannot accept them as they are.

“The past is gone, don’t mind, the future is uncertain, don’t mind, the now is as it is, pay attention.”

For those of us trapped in this, we are constantly being pushed and pulled around by outer circumstances. We blame those circumstances for how we feel and the results we get. We struggle against reality as it is and suffer because of this.

This mental and emotional rollercoaster ride takes up a lot of time and energy. We are caught in our heads, projecting it onto others and the world we live in. This creates and reinforces mental activity, leading to inner turbulence, stress, and disharmony, which leads to dis-ease.

How do we free ourselves from this and take back our power? Accept everything as it is, not as you wish it to be. Each moment is as it is.

An excerpt from The Evolutionary Leader – 5 steps to dramatically develop people and performance by Timothy Carroll.