The 5 Tips That Olympic Coaches And Athletes Use To Be At Their Best

Last week a historic event occurred in the Bahamas that I was super proud to be a part of. The Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) and Carroll Consultancy Group partnered together to train national coaches from the member associations in mental coaching for the first time in Bahamian history. The first module of three modules is underway and we have dozens of Bahamian Coaches who are now more empowered to help their athletes of all ages excel.

The Bahamas is one of the most successful countries in the world at the Olympics, if not the most. It has competed in 16 Olympics winning 14 medals including 6 Golds, having a total population of only 378,000 people. Per capita that is an amazing feat. And they have done this despite not having any training program implemented for the mental game.

Talent = Physical + Technical x Mental

25 years ago when I represented New Zealand in Barefoot Waterskiing I worked with a mental coach when I found that no matter how much physical and technical training I did I just was not improving. Having worked with dozens of professional and amateur athletes as a mental coach, I can say with confidence that mental skills before during and after the performance are critical for success. Many athletes say that on the day when performing it is at least 80% mental.

The 5 Tips That Olympic Coaches And Athletes Use To Be At Their Best

Here are 5 tips that you can use in life and business that Olympic coaches and athletes use to be at their best when it matters most:

Connection – as a coach you can not lead your athletes unless you have a trusting relationship and are connected. There is no such thing as a resistant person, just a lack of rapport. How can you connect and create trust with the people that matter most so they follow your lead?

Relaxation – The number one characteristic of a top leader is to be a role model. You will not be trusted and respected if you are stressed more than the people that work for you. Use your breathing to release negative stress and tense & hold exercises of your muscles to create deep relaxation when it matters most.

Right relationship – All learning change and behavior is unconscious. To have a great relationship with your unconscious mind is key to top performance. This requires you to trust, accept and positively encourage yourself and others to support top performance eliminating all doubt, judgement and negative criticism.

Circle of Concern & Influence – Dr. Stephen Covey talks about letting go of all the mind is concerned about and focusing on what you can control or influence. Catch yourself worrying and stop it then turn attention back onto what you can control. Your thoughts, feelings, communication, behavior and making what is unknown known.

State Management – Your state will determine your behaviour, which determines your results. When you own your state, no one can make you feel how you don’t want to feel. Building up your emotional muscle and mental strength means you can face whatever comes. A good way is to use your body to access the state you need eg. If you want to feel confident, stand confidently.

These 5 tips are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to mental skills that you can use to perform to your best when you need it the most. My challenge to you is to put them into practice for the next 30 days and see how it helps you to achieve your goals. You are what you focus on consistently, make April your best month this year so far and use it as a launching pad to kick start a year of greatness.

To you Success,