How The Matrix Of Your Mind Determines Your Results In Business And Life

Welcome to the Matrix of your Mind. I have introduced you to the following principles this year that will help you to be successful in your endeavors in 2020. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. What I focus on is what I create.

2. What I believe is what I achieve.

3. I don’t see the world, I see myself; a reflection of my programming or mindset. 

4. My values, what is important to me, drive my behaviour and results. 

5. I am responsible for my mindset, and therefore my results.

6. Change happens quickly, I can change my mindset, therefore my results. 

7. What I don’t own, owns me. 

The next Secret of Success I want to share with you today is found deep, deep down in your unconscious mind. In fact, it is the most unconscious filter you have, therefore the most powerful, one that determines your perception, attitude and motivation.

“I am responsible for my mindset, and therefore my results.”

There are over 70 of these programs hard wired into our neurology that filter our day to day experiences. They determine what we pay attention to and how we derive fulfillment and satisfaction. These motivations/styles of thinking change with context. They are a key element of the matrix of your mind. 

So what is the matrix of our mind? It is a combination of all your programming. The fact is that the matrix of our mind is driving our perception of reality, how we feel, how we behave and the results that we get day in and day out. We either become curious and aware of this programming and get back in the driver’s seat or allow it to unconsciously run the game behind the scenes. 

Do you want to take the blue pill and end the journey with me forgetting all the secrets of life or the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and we see how deep the rabbit hole goes! Read on to dive deeper and discover more about your matrix and how it pulls the wool over your eyes.

Determining Your Results

Our deepest unconscious filters are our meta-programs. Discovered by cognitive behavioral sciences there are now over 70 of these programs running the game for us behind the scenes every day. For example; do we initiate and take action or do we prefer to wait, reflect and be patient? Being contextual they drive our perception, behavior and results in the different contexts of our life. Eg. Career, Health, or Development.

I would like to focus in on some of these programs and how they influence our behavior and results in our career and jobs. Can entrepreneurial and business success be predicted? Well, the good news is that a world first 15-year qualitative and quantitative study, concluded in 2013 by Michelle Duval, shows that there are major correlations between our programs in the context of work and venture success and or failure.

There are also specific work attitudes and motivations (programs) that distinguish successful entrepreneurs and business builders (leaders running a scaled business) from the rest of the working population. As well as correlations between specific attitudes and funding, exits, profitability, and business sustainability and longevity.

Other research shows that more than 60% of startups fail in the first 3 years and over 90% fail altogether. That more than 45% of these failures are due to the leaders’ mindset. My mission then in the coming newsletters and blogs will be to support you in becoming aware of your deep internal motivations/programs and how they are serving you or not as an entrepreneur or leader.

Welcome to the matrix of your mind and how it creates your results. We are going to dive more into the details of the study next week and start to look at how you can discover your programs. It is time to make all that is unknown, known inside so that you can create the results that you want moving forward.