Top athletes are great examples, because, in the midst of dynamic action, athletes have tapped into the present moment. They become so externally focused on what they are doing they have entered into the gap between their thoughts. They have dived fully into the now.

In seeking a great example of a world-class athlete who I know and would say has really mastered this, I refer back to William Trubridge, the current world record holder and world champion free diver, who has, in the purest form of free diving Constant Weight No Fins (CNF), dived to 102 meters and returned to the surface on one breath. To do this, he has to go to a completely different operational level mentally, which supports him to go to a different level physically. He transcends his mind and all of his emotions that come with it.

“The more present you are, the greater you will perform.”

William has learnt to ignore his thoughts and stop minding, or doing mind. Instead, he focuses on the silence between them and dives into this gap which enables him to become one with the ocean, a peak experience that athletes often describe as merging with their environment. 

With a lot of training, both physically and mentally, William has managed to master himself and be able to tap into that present moment at will and stay there. That’s the opportunity in life as well. To be super present and go to another operational level where everything flows easily and effortlessly. You literally perform out of your mind.