What I Learned In Business And Life From Surfing

How many of you reading this today were challenging yourself this weekend and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? To grow you have got to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

When my neighbor asked me to go paddle board surfing with him recently I decided to dive in. Little did I know that I would be learning a lesson in momentum and how that relates to business and life while out there in the surf.

Momentum is something that all sports teams, businesses and leaders want to develop and sustain. It is a big factor in success and achieving your goals, easy to lose, and harder to sustain.

At this time of the year, many people set private resolutions and fail to gain momentum with them and their resolutions die. Death in business and in sport happens when the team or teams lose momentum and can’t get it back. The competition wipes them out.

While out there attempting to catch waves, it became super clear to me that momentum is psychological. Watching the big sets of waves appearing out of the Atlantic I first learnt how not to catch them and then how to catch them and use their momentum to surf on.

The trick to surfing is you have to paddle hard well before the wave arrives. You have to get some momentum moving forward so that the wave picks you up and you can effortlessly surf it into the shore. This requires timing, learning from your failures, persistence, and hard work.

And so it is in business. The bottom line is there is no such thing as failure just feedback and the massive consistent action is the cure-all to gain the momentum you desire. After a while, you are going to catch the wave and be able to surf it effortlessly all the way to the bank.

So what to do? Set your goals, visualize them every day, be clear on why you want them, (it’s the why power that drives the will power) and then take massive action toward making them real. Track your progress and adjust accordingly, celebrate your wins, and NEVER STOP until you have got there.

Where do you need to gain momentum in your life or business? How are you going to gain it now? What will happen if you do? What will happen if you don’t?