What Leaders Can Learn From Sailing

This week has been a great week for New Zealand sport. One example of this is the New Zealand Sailing team who beat the Swedish Team in the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup in Bermuda.

The Louis Vuitton Cup decides who the challenger will be for the Americas Cup, a prestigious sailing match race that is the oldest sporting trophy in the world, contested since 1851.

Team New Zealand will now compete against Team USA for the Americas Cup starting June 17. A re-match of 4 years ago, New Zealand was leading 8-1 in a first to 9 wins. Needing one more race to lift the cup they collapsed conceding 8 races in a row, losing 9-8.

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

Business is like sport in so many ways. As a company your people have to be physically and mentally strong. Know their job and do it really well. Be great leaders of themselves and others and unite as one. 

New Zealand in 2013 were unable to reinvent themselves in the middle of a high pressure competition, where as the USA did. Do you know how to up your game and take things to the next level? Are you on track to make 2017 your best year yet? 

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it does not cut it in this highly competitive market. Like any successful sporting team you have to be willing to examine your performance and raise your game on a regular basis. If not you, then who?