The Keys To A Top Performing Culture

By December 14, 2017Uncategorized

A common challenge for leaders to overcome in a culture is an attitude of blame and deflection of responsibility from agreed results. It’s human nature and all can be found guilty of doing this at some stage.

When leadership detects this attitude creeping into the company, it’s their duty and moral obligation to stamp it out. A lack of ownership can disguise itself in many ways, from excuses, blaming others, to absenteeism. Whatever it’s shape or form it will infect others and detract from top performance.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

Responsibility is the ‘ability to respond’ creatively to people, situations, and circumstances. To own one’s communication and behavior enabling results agreed on.

‘I am responsible for doing what I said I would do.’

Accountability is the ability to account for what was agreed on.

‘I am accountable to deliver what I said I will deliver.’ 

A high performing culture is a highly responsible and accountable culture. When commitments are made, they are delivered on, trust is built up and reliability becomes the norm. It’s the leadership’s role to set up agreed targets with staff and hold them accountable by an agreed time. We teach people how to behave towards us. This will teach people how to be responsible, no excuses.

How responsible are you? Do you have high accountability? If not make it so.