Interview With The World’s Best Free Diver

Having been a former athlete representing New Zealand and understanding what it takes to perform out of your mind, I decided to take the opportunity to interview the world’s best free diver, William Trubridge recently to gain insight into how he dives to such incredible depths. In this revealing discussion, you will learn about this remarkable man’s winning mindset and what makes him tick.

I wrote about William in my book The Evolutionary Leader – 5 steps to dramatically develop people and performance, which talks too how William masters his mind and emotions while diving. In this revealing interview, I discuss with William what it is that drives him, what he has learnt about life through his free diving as well as his up and coming training Deeper Development with guest speaker Tom Bilyeu in Maui, Hawaii this December.

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy looking through the window into the mindset of one of the world’s best athletes, William Trubridge.

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