When it comes to the quality of employee performance, it’s no secret that trustworthy leadership plays a massive role. Poor leadership can result in low-performing people, teams, and morale.

In this article, we share 3 vital tips to empower your employees and make them feel valued, all while increasing productivity, workflow, and happiness.

1. Be the leader YOU would want to work for

Self-reflection is very important for professional growth, which is why performance reviews are so valuable. Effective business executives, managers, or any professional of authority must occasionally step back and evaluate themselves as bosses. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Ask yourself, “If I was an employee at this company, would I be happy working for a leader like me?”

Take a moment to conduct a personal performance review and note your areas of strength vs. areas that can be improved. Once identified, you can take the steps in making actionable change.

2. Understand employees’ motivators

If you want improvement in workplace performance, you must identify how your employees work as individuals and in team settings. By learning what drives your employees, you will know how to best lead them. When you utilize your employees’ unique skills, your business and its people will thrive. People Analytics programs like Fingerprint for Success are great tools for understanding employees’ drivers so that you can help develop their performance levels.

3. Culture is key

Implementing a culture built on a solid foundation of positive, clear values is an excellent way to show your employees that you don’t just measure them by their business transactions and outcomes, but rather you truly care about them as individuals. Furthermore, a work culture built on thoughtful, welcomed communication will also increase your employees’ happiness and morale. As a result, their increased feelings of fulfillment will lead to increased productivity.

4. Do not dismiss health and wellness

Work can often be stressful—whether it’s daunting deadlines, long hours, overflowing workloads, or general pressures of life. Without a doubt, any number of challenges can be impacting your employees’ physical and mental health. It’s critical that you pay attention to each employee’s state of wellbeing. A careless or inattentive leader can be the catalyst for employee burnout or degradation of a team’s performance. Many studies have shown that greater health within organizations leads to better productivity overall.

5. Value your own health, too

Leaders who are healthy usually make better decisions, while those under unnecessary stress tend to make poorer choices. They’re blinded by the stress hormone, cortisol. Studies have suggested a link between high cortisol levels and risk-taking behavior. They’ve also noted that cortisol impedes memory and decision-making. It’s essential therefore that leaders maintain their cool in order to make the best decisions for their companies, employees, and clients. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help reduce that stress.


We need people-centric leaders who have mastered themselves, command with a clear strategy, and have a genuine desire to serve others. If more people adopt an Evolutionary Leader mindset, we’ll start to witness incredible transformation and growth within business, people, and the world.

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