Hurricane Dorian: How To Give Support To The Affected

For those of you that are not aware, the largest hurricane (Dorian) ever recorded to make landfall in the Atlantic basin slammed into the northern islands of the Bahamas 4 days ago with winds of 185mph (297 kph). It then preceded to stall and sit over Grand Bahama Island for 36–48 hours before slowly turning north yesterday.

First response teams from the Bahamas Government, US military and the British Navy are reaching the stricken islands as we speak with medical supplies, clean water, food, chainsaws, generators, tarps, beddings, etc. A rapid response is going to be essential to save lives now as 4 days have passed already since landfall.

We are living in unprecedented times. Every year the temperatures are increasing, storms are getting bigger and extreme weather conditions more common. This is the worst natural disaster to ever hit the Bahamas with reports of thousands of people unaccounted for. 

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.”

–Stephen Hawking

In times like these, Evolutionary Leaders rise to the occasion to support people in need. We are one race, the human race, living on one planet with so much in common despite our differences. We are being called to unite to solve our common challenges, the biggest being Climate Change. So how can you, your family or your company get involved RIGHT NOW to make a difference?

Lend a Hand Bahamas is a registered non-profit Bahamian charity that is involved with supporting the hurricane relief effort. I am on the board of directors and the charity already has 3 chartered planes and 2 boat containers ready to go from Florida and Nassau. 2,400 Hygiene kits have been donated and many more resources are flooding in. 

You can give here now to get much-needed support to the 62,000 residents of these stricken islands where 50% of the homes have been severely damaged or destroyed. Thank you for any and all the support you can give.

With Gratitude,

Timothy Carroll


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