How to Be Courageous and Excel

Timothy’s Thought for Thursday

On December 2, William Trubridge, World Champion freediver and all round amazing guy, attempted to break his own world record, diving to 102 meters unassisted and returning to the surface. On this occasion, while it was beamed across the world from the Bahamas and watched live in New Zealand on national television, William fell just short of achieving his goal. 10 meters from the surface he called on the help of his safety divers to take him to the top.

When you live your life fearlessly, you will excel and achieve your full potential.

When I think of William, I see the virtue of Courage personified. Great leaders develop a level of courage within themselves first and then inspire and instill that courage in others through their example. Courage is to face your fears and act in spite of them. When we do, fear weakens its grip on us and we excel. The alternative is to let our fears stop us in our tracks, crippling us and our dreams. We must commit to living a courageous life and make fear our friend. If you knew you could not fail, what would you do with your life? Are you doing that today?


“Everyone has talent. What is rare is to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”

Erica Jong