How The Holidays Intersect With Work

2020 is a different type of year, absolutely. That topic has been beaten to death, and in many year-end reviews and discussions, you’ll keep hearing it. 

One thing that’s relatively consistent, though, is that the holidays have arrived for many globally. And while the approach is different — distance vs. closeness, which will challenge many — the fact is that many people have a bit less of a commitment to work during this period. Year-end activities wrap up, and people dedicate more time to loved ones, which is a good thing. 

However, in this season, you can run into issues with managerial two-facedness. What does that mean? Well, Boss Man Bobby will stand up and talk about how work is a community — stand up on Zoom/Skype, of course — and how family should be first in mid-December, but the culture may not always reflect that. Instead, if Execution Eddie doesn’t answer an email on December 16th within three minutes of receipt, he can be deemed “not a team player.” 

It’s OK to loosen the reins a bit during December. It’s been a tough year for most on your team, and you don’t need to drive them right up until the ball drops on this year. It’s OK for a little break period to organically arrive in the next few weeks.

Part of being a people-centric leader is understanding the yin and yang of people, and the push and pull of seasons. It’s OK not to be obsessive about experience and results right now.


All the best to you and yours this season!