Leadership and Health go hand in hand. It’s impossible to be a strong leader when you are in a weakened state of health and wellness.

Can you imagine running point on a work presentation or giving a keynote speech to a room full of business executives while feeling fatigued, irritable, and just downright negative?

I recently wrote to you on the importance of channeling your inner Elite Athlete. We heard from Kaizer Chiefs’ goalkeeper coach, Lee Baxter, who shared with us his advice on performing at your best while under pressure.

For more of Lee’s insight on performing like an all-star athlete, click here.

To be an Evolutionary Leader, you must also be attuned physically with your body. Every part of your body needs to seamlessly work together—to be a unified, supportive team. If even one small part of the body malfunctions, it impacts everything. Highly successful companies operate the exact same way.

Physical health is not something to gloss over. It’s vital for being the best leader you can possibly be—in the office, at home, and in life in general. You must live life in motion!

Healthy motion keeps you physically AND mentally fit. I regularly encourage my clients as well as my team to stay active any way they can, especially through exercise they genuinely enjoy.

Keeping active doesn’t have to be a chore. The hardest part is starting. Once you break through that initial roadblock and discover what engages you most, you’ll realize that exercise can be both fun and energizing. It releases endorphins and motivates you to power forward in all aspects of your life.

There’s so many entertaining ways to stay active. Exercise should not be viewed as a daunting task or a daily obligation. Dancing, jogging, shooting hoops, bicycling—your opportunities are endless.

What’s your favorite type of healthy motion? How do you keep active on a regular basis? Share with us in the comments.