My vision in life is for us to create a massive movement of Evolutionary Leaders. We will constantly learn, grow, and achieve new levels of success amongst humanity.

Part of this vision involves making an impact on areas that deeply, affect humanity right now, such as the state of our environment. We must fight for a healthier environment worldwide and look for ways to give back to our planet.

Below, I’ve shared five healthy ways to celebrate our home, while simultaneously moving into healthier states of being.

Go on a hike.

Practice healthy motion through hiking and observing the beauty of nature. This is an opportunity to disconnect from online devices and truly appreciate all of nature’s treasures. If hiking isn’t for you, try taking daily walks in the neighborhood. Get your body in motion!

Shop local.

There’s nothing better than surveying the beautiful harvest of fresh produce at a farmers market. Whenever possible, support small businesses and frequent local markets to purchase your bounty of fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Walk or bike to work.

While the pandemic has created a massive shift in working remotely, if you are someone that travels to work, skip the bus or driving your car and opt for walking or biking. Getting your body in motion like this is also the perfect way to jumpstart your day, immediately putting yourself in a positive state both physically and mentally.

Cleaning time.

Dedicate some time to cleaning out your home. Donate unused or unwanted items, do a full sweep and dust, clean out the refrigerator to make room for your fresh produce (from the local farmer’s market!), and make conscious efforts to recycle.

Plant a vegetable garden.

Growing your own vegetables can save money and allows you to witness and appreciate nature’s growth firsthand. Live in a dense city? Don’t have the space? Consider joining your local community garden. Gardening is an amazing activity that promotes healthy environmental changes and improvement on your mindset.

In what ways do you give back and promote a healthier environment? Share your own methods and ideas in the comments.

To support ourselves and serve others, we must be in the right relationship with Earth and pay attention to our own local surroundings. Only then can a movement of Evolutionary Leadership really start to thrive.