The quest for unconditional support

It’s so easy for us to internalize, to get lost within our overly active minds, to feel like we can only truly rely on ourselves. In reality, this pattern of thinking is wildly unhealthy in pretty much all aspects of our lives.

We NEED community. We REQUIRE a level of dependence on others. We MUST surround ourselves with strong, supportive people.

Having a healthy support system is not only highly beneficial to your professional performance and success, but also to your allround wellbeing. We’re talking physical, mental, and emotional.

A strong support system should include someone to reach out to for information, advice, guidance, or just listen as you talk. By developing supportive relationships, you can find daily encouragement and accountability, a partner to lean on, and someone to celebrate all of your victories along your journey to unlock the Evolutionary Leader within.

Below we consider several crucial tips for building and sustaining a healthy support system that will bring out the best in you and help you achieve your desired goals with genuine passion.

  1. Get clear on your goals. Whether it’s leadership, health and wellness, fitness, career-oriented, or something else entirely, having clear goals with objectives and action items will determine what type, or what level of support, is necessary. Look for support from a mentor with expertise related to what you need guidance in, or a partner that may have already run the race you are currently running. Ultimately, clarity on the actions needed to move the needle on your goals will help you identify specific support.
  2. Reach out to family and friends. Your loved ones are also an excellent resource for encouragement. Sustain this support network by keeping in touch and updating them with your progress along your journey.
  3. Find an accountability partner. Having someone along for the ride is an incredibly motivating way to stay on track toward the ultimate destination. Sharing your successes along with your struggles with someone you trust can help you stick to your plans and increase performance as you work together toward your similar goals.
  4. Work it out your own way. It’s important to remember that not everyone moves at the same pace. Don’t let the fear of time and effort cause you to slink into self-doubt and isolation. For some people, jumping into community comes naturally. For others, it’s a slower process. Everyone works by a different approach. Acknowledging this will help you discover the right support system for YOUR unique needs.
  5. Talk to me. As an expert in empowering people and developing leadership skills (plus the fact that I, too, am a human being striving for success…), I’m always here to help and support you through the struggles as well as the celebrations. I love offering guidance and support, especially when someone is looking to reset their goals and search for new methods for self-improvement.

Without community, it’s hard for anyone to thrive. Building connections and having an unconditional support system will always be a vital part of making immense progress in your goals.