Great Leaders ask Great Questions

Timothy’s Thought for ThursdayGreat Leaders ask great questions. They don’t, and I repeat, don’t dive in and solve problems for their staff. They don’t always answer the questions that they are asked. They don’t try and fix every problem that surfaces. Great leaders support their staff and people to find the solution to the problem themselves. Through doing this, they help their people to be innovative, creative problem solvers, and to grow from the challenges that life presents them.

We are all looking for answers and to find them, we have to ask the right questions. It’s the question that drives the answer. Great leaders ask great questions of themselves and of their people and let the answers arise from within. The kicker is that when their people and staff find the answers, it sticks and are not forgotten because they found the answers themselves. They can then take ownership of it and the actions that come out of it as well. This creates responsible, productive, and empowered people. And, that’s what great leaders do, empower others.

How good are you at asking high quality questions of yourself and others? Are you looking for the answers or for the right question? Today, spend time asking great questions of yourself and others to create the results that you are looking for. Make sure you empower people supporting them to find the answers they are looking for with out doing it for them, they will thank you for it in the long run.

Insight: Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.