How To Get The Results That You Really Want

Of all the principles of success, the creation of vision is the simplest yet a lot of leaders have failed to make it a reality. I don’t mean the achievement of goals. What I mean is the attainment of what you really want, long term.

According to Warren Bennis, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” All of us are the Leaders of our own lives. Most of the time, we start with hope and enthusiasm to achieving our fullest potential. However, we end up celebrating the success that was not part of our vision. The good and the bad!

What do you really want? Are you settling for less than what you really want, getting less than what you settle for?

Remember this principle of success as it will guide you in creating the results that you really want:

Energy flows where attention goes, determined by your purpose.

We are all realizing our future, all of the time. The determining factor in the principle above is … Know thy Purpose! This is the lighthouse that keeps you off the rocks and guides you to safe harbour.

Without true purpose, we are not clear on what we are all about and why we do what we do. In business, Leadership must find these answers before creating a vision statement and smart objectives.

Start first from the top: discover your purpose; know it off by heart; then write down what you really want in the long term. Stay focused; let your purpose inform your decisions week by week. As you move forward, that future keeps moving forward with you.

The trick in realizing vision is to keep revisiting your purpose, otherwise, you will lose focus.