How Fear Is The Biggest Virus In The World Right Now

The response to COVID-19 is in full swing around the world with the majority of countries either shutting their borders or locking down the country to some extent over the last 5-6 months. Unemployment rates have soared, especially in those countries whose GDP relies on Tourism like The Bahamas where I live.

Fear is the biggest virus out there in the world right now. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real or F*#K Everything And Run, depending on how you see the world. Unfortunately, a large amount of the population have their belief systems created by listening to the news on TV. 

We give all the authority to news channels whose responsibility is to grow their company for their shareholders, which they do through selling fear. Fear sells. My recommendation is to do your own research on issues, get perspective from multiple sides of the story, and make up your own mind. 

What is the antidote to Fear, Courage, and Gratitude. Courage is to feel the fear and do it anyway and Gratitude is the attitude of focusing on what you have and being aware that there are many that don’t. 

The Pandemic is set to push between 70 to 100 million people into extreme poverty according to the World Bank. That means they will be living on less than $2 a day. This is happening right now in The Bahamas with its economic lockdown and loss of the Tourism Industry which drives 60% of the countries GDP. 

How To Make A Difference

This month is a hunger action month in the USA and I would like to extend that to the USA’s neighbors in need The Bahamas. Lend a Hand Bahamas is an official partner along with 3-4 other approved charities to feed the nation with the support of the Government. I have personally been involved not just as a board member but on the ground delivering food to communities.

It has been a humbling experience for me and now the operation has scaled to the point where Lend a Hand Bahamas is responsible for feeding over 50,000 people every week in their communities across the country. We have an incredible group of volunteers that are leading this out every week who work themselves to the bone.

This Thursday, I would like to ask you to think of what you are grateful for in your life right now and to invite you to contribute to others today who need your help more than ever.

If you would like to contribute in a way where you know that the funds you give go directly to the families and children in need, then I would personally like to thank you for making a donation to Lend A Hand Bahamas on the charities, Official Page here.

If you can give a little or a lot it will all make a big difference. Every $9 you give feeds one person for a week. It is so fulfilling to contribute and give back and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support if you can.