Emotions Affect Performance

Negative emotions or being in a negative state causes us to actually behave poorly, and that’s very easily seen in sport. When an athlete gets into a negative state, they lose confidence, they drop their head, their body changes, and then they start to play poorly. It is also the same in different roles and situations, whether as a parent at home or a leader in the office—our state determines how we behave, and our behaviour then determines the results that we’re going to get.

“We are responsible for our thoughts and feelings.”

We are responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Our emotions are very much a product of our thoughts inside. It is super-important that we actually learn how to stay in charge of our emotions and not let them take over us. To learn how to work with them so we stay resourceful and behave in the way that we want to behave to attain our goals and perform to our best.

An excerpt from The Evolutionary Leader – 5 steps to dramatically develop people and performance by Timothy Carroll.