Discover Your Very Own Fingerprint for Success, Right Now!

Today is a big day! 

Today for the first time we are sharing a Super Secret of Success that typically only our high paying Corporate Clients get access to. One of the best kept secrets in business, the discovery of your deep unconscious programs/motivations and your very own Fingerprint for Success (F4S) in business. 

You will benefit from learning:

1. 48 of your deep unconscious motivations in the context of your career and which ones give you energy and which ones drain/tire you at work.

2. Benchmark your mindset against some of the worlds best entrepreneurs and business builders. Learn how your mindset ranks compared to theirs. 

3. Discover where your motivations are in the green and aligned and what your blindspots are and how they are a risk to venture success. 

4. Gain feedback on what you need to do to develop your mindset to become a better entrepreneur and business builder.

Simply go to sign in with a username and password to gain immediate access to the assessment. You will want to allow approx 15-20 minutes to take the F4S assessment. Take some time to complete it in one session. Once the assessment is completed you have access to the freemium version of your profile and can then upgrade to a Premium Account and receive 20% discount using our company discount code. 

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20% discount code: CCG20

Following is a 2-minute video about F4S for you to watch in your own time: F4S 2-min Product Overview Video


Congratulations, you now have access to knowledge that you have never known about yourself before. Powerful knowledge that sets you free from the matrix of your mind. Knowledge that can dramatically develop your performance and the performance of your people and teams.

F4S is a people analytics/productivity platform like Google Suite or Asana to support you to develop your people efficiency and productivity from the inside out. By developing your motivations inside, you develop your capability to perform to your best. 

These hardwired programs drive all your behavior which drive your results. Now you have the opportunity to work with the programming that creates your behaviors and make the desired changes to be the best you can be. Let’s go! Following is some support once you have access to your Freemium account.

To upgrade your account just click on the pink bar at the top of your page that says upgrade. Once you get to the upgrade/payment screen you can click on an annual membership OR monthly membership. Select the option you desire and then add in your discount code in the relevant section. This will now give you full access to all of your results.

Monthly memberships can be cancelled in settings before the second month is charged if you want to see your full profile for a small fee and then exit. At any time you can also upgrade to the annual membership. 

Once through and ready to explore your results, be sure to click on each of the ‘bubbles’, as they each contain the most insightful feedback about yourself and others. F4S really comes to life in Team and Comparison mode. I encourage you to invite your team, colleagues and friends to have fun comparing results. 

You are welcome to share the link and discount code with them too. You can also check out the F4S Team Analytics dashboard by curating a team (once team members have joined F4S). And of course, reach out to connect with me in F4S, it is lots of fun to learn about one another.

Remember in the coming weeks we will be holding a Group Debrief online where we will review your results and dive deeper into your Strengths, Blindspots and the research from the White Paper study and how that relates to your Fingerprint for Success.

Watch this space for enrollment details so you can get in as numbers will be limited. 

To your success,




F4S Group Online Debrief (April 7th, 2020) – Join us for a look into your very own Fingerprint for Success with Timothy Carroll in person. Deep dive into your results, your strengths, blindspots and become clear about your areas for improvement and the benefits of this for your career/role. Timothy is a certified F4S Consultant/Coach and has been working with world-class leaders and athletes supporting them to dramatically develop their performance over the last 20 years. Join us for this unique event by contacting us here to get your name on the list while places last.