How to Create Extraordinary Results in 2020

In our first blog of 2020, we are announcing the release of our new series ‘Secrets of Success’, developed to support you in taking your results to another level. As of next Thursday, January 16th, and every Thursday you will learn some of the secrets of success that I work with my private clients on and how to apply them to your life. Each newsletter will be backed up with a video of myself to support you to get awesome results. Are you ready, let’s go!

Your internal programming is, in my opinion, the number one factor that determines your performance. Every breakthrough you have in your life starts with a change in your programming. You’ve got to align that inner game with your outer game and what you want to achieve.

To give an example of that, if you’re a salesperson who wants to hit a certain income per year and you have the sales skills and can behave in the right way using those skills, but at the level of your beliefs, you believe it’s difficult to make money or that money is the root of all evil, you’re going to sabotage your success. You’ll do well one month, and then you’ll sabotage yourself with your beliefs and your performance will drop, and you’ll do poorly the next month. Our life circumstances and the results we get are created by our programming and reflect that directly.

“Change yourself and you literally change your world.”

Remember, we are unconscious of our programming because most of our programming is just that, unconscious. Our core values and beliefs are all set in the first 10 years of our life when we’re imprinting everything, soaking it up like a sponge, mostly from our parents. The programming of a person is everything. If you don’t have that aligned with what you want, you’re going to have a problem making it real in the world.

If you learn how you work as a human being, if you learn some of the techniques to create change within the hard drive of your own computer, your own super-computer, you will be able to create the results that you really want. It’s up to you.

“All is a reflection of your mind. Your mind and its programming make up the world. You don’t see the world; you see your own self.”

There’s a principle that Carl Jung, one of the leading psychologists in the first half of the 20th century, worked on: everything that’s out there is just a mirror reflection of what’s going on inside here. If you don’t like the reflection that you’re getting, don’t point the finger and blame the reflection. You wouldn’t do that if you were standing in front of a mirror and you didn’t like the look of what you were wearing—no, you would go and change.

And that’s the point. You can change, but people haven’t been taught how, and that’s what this book is about: empowering leadership and people to learn some of these powerful techniques so they can change their reflection.

The biggest challenge that the mind creates for us every day is to learn to discover what is programmed deep within ourselves that is creating our results. Now you have the answer. Just use your results as a mirror; they will tell you a lot about yourself and your internal programming.

The second biggest challenge is to get back in charge of your mind and its programming so it is not in charge of you. This you can do through controlling your attention, stopping stinking thinking, as well as changing your belief systems.

The third biggest challenge is to learn how to still our mind and eliminate the inner turbulence that comes from being out of balance. This we will get to in coming chapters.

The mind is just producing what it is programmed with over time. We must uncover the current limiting program- ming within our mind’s matrix, which has come from so many years ago and is playing like a bad CD in our unconscious.

To achieve the above, my suggestion is to get passionate about discovering what is going on at an unconscious level within yourself and putting the techniques above into practice. Then you will liberate yourself from your limiting programming that no longer serves you. Are you in?