How To Create A Breakthrough In Your Life!

Last week we deep-dived into finding your drivers or core values in the different contexts of your life. Our values are deeply unconscious and are in charge of our emotions, decisions and ultimately our behavior. They are the criteria we make choices upon in any given context. What is super important to us is where we spend our time, and where we spend our time drives our behavior. So our values govern our behavior. 

Is your behavior in charge or you or are you in charge of your behavior? If you want to change your behavior, feel better and make great decisions, then you need to work with your values. Most importantly if you want to dramatically develop your performance and results in sport, business, relationship or life, then you need to find the underlying motivation behind each of your top values.

“What you don’t own, owns you!”

We shared in our blog and on our Tuesday’s video how to discover your hidden motivations. These are called “Away from” or “Towards” motivations. For example, are you moving towards Money as a value or away from Money in your career. Yes, even though money may be really important to you and a top value, your underlying motivation could be away from money.

This would set up your relationship with money to be one that is conflictive. A person with a lot of away from motivation on this value would unconsciously not allow themselves to have too much money. They could create a crisis around money so they lose some, or if working in sales for example, could have inconsistent performance having a great month, then a bad month so as not to have too much money. 

As you can see it is very important that your values have positive, towards motivation behind them and are aligned with your goals. If not you will sabotage your goals and prevent yourself from achieving them.

This Secret of Success will help you to transform an area of your life where your results are inconsistent or where you are sabotaging your results. Obviously, I am not guaranteeing anything, what I am saying is if you get involved in developing your inner game you will see a shift in your outer one. 

On each of your top values, we need to discover how much towards and away from motivation you have. After you have ranked them and challenged that ranking, step 4 & 5, look at your top value in the context you are working on and ask yourself the question “why is this value important to me?” You will get some answers and you need to capture them in writing. 

E.g. Money is my value. I ask “Why is money important to me?” It gives me the freedom of choice. That is a towards statement and I make a note of it. So I ask again, “Why else is money important to me?” My response is “If I don’t have money I can’t take care of my family.” That is an away from statement focused on the negative. I then dig deeper when I hear an away from the statement and repeat it back and then ask “what will that mean?” My answer is “I am a failure.” Make a note of that, repeat it back and ask “What will that mean?” make a note of your answer and either continue if you think it is valuable to go deeper (keep a track of your answers as you go) or stop and return to the question…”Why else is money important you in your career?” Listen for “away froms” and then dig deeper. 

Once you have completed this exercise you will have a number of towards answers, and away from answers. You will also have captured your limiting beliefs associated with your away from answers and now you can take action to remove them from your hard drive and replace them with positive beliefs.

Clearing Away from Motivation

To keep this simple, look at the deepest answer discovered around each away from motivation and use the belief change pattern taught earlier in this series to clear it out and replace it with a positive belief. 

E.g. Let’s take the example above about an original away from discovered. If I don’t have money, I can’t take care of my family. What does that mean? I am a failure. What does that mean? I am worthless. 

Take the statement I am worthless and kill it using the belief change pattern, then replace it with the belief I am worthy and valuable. Do this with all the deepest away from beliefs that you discover underneath the original away from statement in your value. You only need to do it with the deepest in the chain, then move to the next chain and clear the deepest.

Once you have cleared them then you have reprogrammed your hard drive for success. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing how this life-changing work goes for you. If you have any challenges then look for our mail on Tuesday with more tips and support. 

To your total Success,