Like sport, business is a game played primarily in the minds of a company’s leaders and the people they employ. At Carroll Consultancy Group, we help companies win the game by dramatically developing their people and performance via our bespoke consulting services.

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Strategic Development
Develop your journey to success

Developing a new business strategy or improving an existing one is a journey that involves many stakeholders and complex considerations. And like any journey, it is best taken with an experienced guide – someone who has walked the path before.

Working closely with your leadership, we’ll design and deliver the “how to” consultancy solution that takes your business to where your want to be. We will help you define your end goal, formulate the frameworks that govern your decision-making and behaviors, and make sure your managers and teams are fully aligned. And we’ll do it using a simple, proven process that covers both the strategy development and implementation.

We can also help with your company’s internal strategy, focusing on transforming your company’s people and culture. We do this in a way that energizes and motivates your people – all with the aim of boosting morale, performance, productivity and job satisfaction.

External or internal, every strategic development process we facilitate is a bespoke solution tailored to your individual company, challenges and goals.

Areas of expertise

  • Defining your market
  • Your products, services & relationships
  • Purpose, vision, mission
  • Values & principles
  • Implementation actions

Organizational Development
Energize your organization and improve your business

According to Gallup, poor employee engagement is the No. 1 challenge for corporations worldwide, costing millions in lost productivity every year. In fact, this has not changed in the last decade, meaning that over 60% of today’s total workforce is insufficiently engaged. The problem’s persistence suggests that most companies either lack a clear strategy on how to improve engagement or have strategies that simply aren’t working.

At Carroll Consultancy Group, we are experts in helping companies build an empowered and productive organization that’s a great place to work for every employee – even if the company is undergoing significant change. Whether you want to grow your business, want to drive short- or long-term change, or are experiencing a business downturn, we’ll support you through the change by providing structures and systems that boost engagement and collaboration and keep morale and performance high.

The result is an energized organization that is engaged, productive and satisfied – even during tough times.

Areas of expertise

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Improving cross-collaboration
  • Cultural development
  • Change management
  • Launching new initiatives

Retained Advisory Services
Unlimited access to our exclusive knowledge

C-suite leaders always face pressure to make good decisions, find solutions and keep the business performing well. The challenge lies in keeping the business machine running, while also proactively developing the company’s people and culture.

Our Retained Advisory Services give you unlimited access to Carroll Consultancy Group’s exclusive knowledge and Timothy Carroll’s personal consulting support. We will partner with you to help you get the results you were hired to achieve. Whether you retain support for 3, 6, or 12 months, the sole purpose of this service is to support you in making the right decisions, solving challenges rapidly, and achieving your business goals.

Build your way to better business

Research shows that learning that involves both physical and mental activity produces deeper, more meaningful understanding. Using “rapid prototyping” with 3D LEGO models, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method helps people tap into their innovative powers and be better problem-solvers and decision-makers, which in turn enhances innovation and business performance.

We apply the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method in group development and collaborative problem-solving sessions, where the goal is to tap into the participants’ hidden expertise and transform their insight and awareness into commitment and shared goals.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® applications

  • Building a leadership strategy
  • Creating your company’s core identity
  • Improving cross-collaboration
  • Improving productivity & efficiency
  • Aligning leaders and/or teams
  • Developing your company’s culture
  • Creating a better-performing team

Assessment and Recruitment
Let insight guide your hiring decisions

Backed by extensive training in cognitive behavioural sciences, we can look at your potential recruits and existing staff to help you discover what drives them, how engaged they are, what is important to them in business and how they prefer to think and act at work.

This forms a scientific basis for predicting how a given individual will behave in different roles and determining who is the best person for the job.

Our predictive analytics services are critical not just when hiring new staff. They also help you assess your current staff and their performance, giving leadership and employees an accurate understanding of their current capabilities and the growth gap they need to bridge.

Areas of expertise

  • Creating a profile for the role and assessing suitability
  • Hiring the right person for the role and culture
  • Assessing Leadership and their capability
  • Leadership performance and development
  • Developing succession plans
  • Developing individual career pathways
  • Measuring job motivation and risk of burnout
  • Assessing employee strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing and constructing teams
  • Gaining 360° feedback on specific behaviour

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