Our clients are global companies lead by progressive leaders who are focused
on not just developing their top line sales but also the greatest asset they have, their people.

We also consult for professional sports clients to support them in developing
not just their performance on the field but also off the field and behind the scenes.

Clients that break new ground with us


Case Studies

Increasing performance and morale in challenging times


A world leader in providing quality assurance systems was experiencing a slowdown in business. Demand for their products was dropping and their P & L was suffering. Leadership did not have a clear direction and strategy and were distant with staff. Lays offs were put in place. The staff experienced anxiety about their future; productivity and engagement dropped.


Working closely with the leadership team a clear strategy and direction was facilitated and communicated throughout the organisation. Each department was engaged and involved in developing their own strategy and direction with all their people.

Leadership were coached to develop their leadership skills and how to get the best out of their people. A training was held for all the staff to unite around common principles.


Increased collaboration, co-operation and the ability to see a brighter future. This increased morale and maintained it even during layoffs. Key staff were kept in the business. Leadership excelled in working on the business and increasing performance. Relationships between leadership and staff improved significantly with increased trust. Stress reduced and job satisfaction increased. New markets were decided upon and vigorously explored.

Preventing internal bleeding and turning it around


A newly appointed VP had challenges with a Strategic Business Unit that was consistently under performing and had to be funded by the overall organisation as it was not profitable. Leadership were at odds, stress and staff turnover was high.


We interviewed all stakeholders and concluded that success depended on the implementation of a powerful proactive plan by the leadership focused on creating and implementing a clear and compelling strategy, increasing cooperation and collaboration among leadership, develop a positive empowered culture, lower and stabilise staff turnover and reduce stress.


A forum for staff to communicate their ideas with leadership was set up and staff were engaged in new ways. Through coaching, leadership co-created and implemented a clear strategy for the business. This united them around a common direction. Alignment was created. Autonomy increased and stress decreased. Stability was developed and final contracts were signed. Productivity increased as did morale. Turnover stopped saving £300k a year. Costs of lost work, reduction of customer satisfaction, reduction of team work, lack of leadership, poor productivity estimated at £1.3 million are saved.

Growth and cultural turnaround


Under autocratic leadership a European energy company was experiencing a slow down in growth and a reduction in job satisfaction. CCG was consulted to evaluate prospective candidates and find the right person to complete to take the reigns and turn the business around. At the same time CCG was asked to design and implement a strategic plan to support the new VP in kick starting in the role to take advantage of the reset opportunity.


Using cutting edge online profiling we found one candidate stood out from the rest and made our recommendations. After interviews senior management made a decision and hired a new VP based on our recommendation and their analysis.

CCG then supported through coaching the VP to bridge any leadership gaps, facilitate a process and business turnaround by defining, developing and installing structures that create growth, develop and embed a set of personal leadership behaviours that raise performance of the VP, team and organisation, create a clear system for responsibility and accountability.


The VP hit the ground running and was able to connect with his team and release them. Direct Reports worked as a team focusing on cross collaboration. Responsibility and accountabilities were driven deep into the organisation. The sense of being a united team was developed and people bent over backwards for each other due to the high level of trust. The focus was on sales and growth increased by 60% in the period of 10 months.

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