The 5 Character Traits That You Can Develop To Become An Evolutionary Leader


EVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP IS a relatively new term in the field of leadership. It speaks to a different perspective drawn from the latest business school research, as well as cognitive behavioral sciences, positive psychology, and integral theory. 

Evolution is the gradual process when a species develops into a different, better form. This normally occurs over successive generations. It is clear in my work that leadership is evolving and adapting into a new and improved form as we speak.

Evolutionary leaders are revolutionary by nature. They like to create paradigm shifts, challenge the status quo, and leave a legacy. These types of leaders as self-aware, emotionally intelligent, people orientated, top-end performers. 

They lead by example and are role models for those who lead. They are addicted to the process of getting better. They lead from a higher purpose and vision, fueled by making a difference and developing better people, leadership, and results for all concerned.


Evolutionary leaders have a few more traits in common…

  • They are transformational. They transform themselves, their people, and the organization to obtain better results through doing less and achieving more.
  • They are collaborative. Developing relationships between all stakeholders that requires win-win thinking and behaviors, developing highly independent and interdependent people.

  • They keep their ego checked. Focusing on being the change that they want to see in the world, they act as role models. They know that they are neither above nor below others. They have confidence and high self-esteem. They value themselves and others, creating trust and strong relationships.
  • They have integrity. They are transparent, open and vulnerable, genuine and authentic. They are not moved by what other people think about them. They know when they’re doing a good job and know that it’s okay to make mistakes. They are 100% committed to the growth and evolution of themselves and the larger whole.
  • They are super present. They have the ability to listen deeply and proactively. They are dedicated to connecting with the moment through the practice of meditation or mindfulness. 

In the leadership book Leadership Agility, Five Levels of Mastery, the authors Joiner and Josephs outline their work assessing different levels of leadership agility. What they found almost across the board in those leaders rated most effective and evolved is an ongoing commitment to meditation or spiritual practice. They are then able to stay calm and make good decisions.

My hope is that you are inspired to develop yourself and your desire to be an Evolutionary Leader who is committed to the evolutionary values and behaviors that will transform the results you get at home, in the office, in your community, and on our planet. 

The way leadership and the people who follow them relates to the planet and all that exists upon her must change for the human race to survive. In this critical time, we need to evolve how we think about others and the world at large, how we treat the environment and the nature on it, and how we will act now for our children and our children’s children. 

To achieve this, a shift in consciousness is required, and that means you. If not, then who? It’s time to evolve—will you?