5 Ways a Mindfulness Practice Makes you a More Effective Leader

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It used to be the case that mindfulness meditation was seen as an esoteric practice that few people in the western world took seriously. Though over the last decade, a mindfulness revolution has taken place. Meditation is now a mainstream practice with years of scientific research backing its efficacy in a wide range of domains.

With studies showing mindfulness can assist in improving cognition, focus, creativity as well as emotional and physiological regulation, developing a mindfulness practice is a must for anybody looking at reaching and maintaining peak performance. And indeed, everybody from artists to athletes are touting the benefits of mindfulness practice, but with the increasing pressures that are par for the course in modern leadership positions, mindfulness is especially important for leaders.

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6 Strategies for Optimizing your Health and Wellbeing

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Great Leaders Are Healthy Leaders.

As a business leader, you understand the importance of peak performance on a professional level. To have a highly successful business, one must have a constant hunger to learn, adapt, and improve.

That same hunger also applies to your health.

Simple changes to your nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management can help repower your health and provide you with positive long-term results. Many studies have shown that healthy leaders make better decisions, and that greater health within organizations leads to better productivity overall. Read More

Defeat Your Automatic Negative Thoughts

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For many leaders, the greatest obstacle encountered on the journey to success is their own mind.

Our thoughts control how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. They impact the decisions we make and the actions we take.

On average, a person has up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Sometimes our thoughts happen so spontaneously that we fail to notice them. We just accept them, believe them to be truth. These are called automatic thoughts. Read More

10 encouraging tips to overcome challenges

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How to handle challenges and uncertainty.

Sometimes life has so much momentum we find ourselves caught in the flow of it, unable to swim to shore. We feel uncertainty and a loss of control.

We all have challenges in our lives that can knock us down. I have great news: There is always an opportunity in the midst of a great challenge. It is up to you to find it.

Consider these 10 tips to support and guide you through times of uncertainty, bring out the best in you amidst challenges, and help you achieve your desired goals with resilience…

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Mindfulness Matters – How to Bring Balance to Your Daily Life

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Mindfulness Matters – Tips for Balance and Awareness in Daily Life

There are a myriad of benefits to the practice of mindfulness. It helps with stress reduction, improves focus and productivity, positively impacts our emotions, and enhances our quality of life.

One of the great things about mindfulness is that it’s available to you in every moment, and can easily be added to your daily routine. Read More

8 simple ways to make your New Year’s Goals stick

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It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions or goals typically don’t have the longest shelf life. Countless studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of resolutions are often abandoned by the end of January.

A major reason for this drop-off is that people haven’t established healthy habits and strategies to keep themselves on track. They often choose overly ambitious or vague goals that aren’t realistic. They don’t know how to manage them, become overwhelmed, and eventually give up.

Don’t let the statistics discourage you! If you are serious about seeing your goals through in 2022 – to get organized, lose weight, improve relationships, spend less money – having a solid plan in place will help you stay motivated to achieve the results you want. Read More

Get SMART with your goals for 2022

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We just experienced the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on the 21st of December – the shortest day of the year!

The days will now be longer as we are moving into the light. With brighter days on the way, it is now an awesome time to get clear on what you want to make real in 2022.

There’s no denying the uncertainty that lies ahead. Still… no matter what 2022 has in store for us all, you can easily conquer and achieve massive results with the proper tools and an empowered mindset. Read More