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Traps of the Mind: Procrastination or Preparation

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Repetition is the mother of all learning. I found that to be able to let go as an athlete and come fully into the moment, I needed to be prepared fully for the coming event or the performance. Preparation requires you to be proactive. Proactivity is to act in advance and set yourself up for success, as opposed to being reactive and leaving it to the last minute.

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Our Internal Computer – The Unconscious Mind

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The unconscious mind or subconscious mind is described in the MacBook dictionary as:

Subconscious – the part of one’s mind which one is not fully aware of but influences one’s actions and feelings. Not used in psychoanalysis where they prefer to use the word

Unconscious mind – the part of the mind, which the conscious mind, does not have access to and which affects behaviours and emotions.

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