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Team Flow: 5 ways to create an ego-free team culture for peak performance

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A team of people working together focused on a mission and without ego. This is where high-level creativity, productivity, and innovation occur. This is where magic happens.

We’re social creatures, hard-wired to enjoy working with groups on missions that are bigger than ourselves. This behavior is so essential to us that cognitive scientists have referred to it as Team Flow. If flow describes a state of consciousness where high performance is achieved automatically and without effort, Team Flow is when a group of people working together achieve this powerful state, simultaneously.

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10 encouraging tips to overcome challenges

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How to handle challenges and uncertainty.

Sometimes life has so much momentum we find ourselves caught in the flow of it, unable to swim to shore. We feel uncertainty and a loss of control.

We all have challenges in our lives that can knock us down. I have great news: There is always an opportunity in the midst of a great challenge. It is up to you to find it.

Consider these 10 tips to support and guide you through times of uncertainty, bring out the best in you amidst challenges, and help you achieve your desired goals with resilience…

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purpose in life

Finding Purpose Through Hardship

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We all want to have happy, fulfilling lives⁠—lives with meaning, with passion, with purpose. This doesn’t come easy.

Hellen Keller once said, “A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.”

There is a direct correlation between Pain and Purpose. Your purpose is hidden within your pain and is revealed through how you handle hardships. Have you ever stopped to assess your pain and understand the reason for it? Read More

5 tips to increase productivity and empower your employees

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When it comes to the quality of employee performance, it’s no secret that trustworthy leadership plays a massive role. Poor leadership can result in low-performing people, teams, and morale.

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Healthy mind AND environment—can’t we have both?

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My vision in life is for us to create a massive movement of Evolutionary Leaders. We will constantly learn, grow, and achieve new levels of success amongst humanity.

Part of this vision involves making an impact on areas that deeply, affect humanity right now, such as the state of our environment. We must fight for a healthier environment worldwide and look for ways to give back to our planet.

Below, I’ve shared five healthy ways to celebrate our home, while simultaneously moving into healthier states of being.

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Have you found your solid support system?

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The quest for unconditional support

It’s so easy for us to internalize, to get lost within our overly active minds, to feel like we can only truly rely on ourselves. In reality, this pattern of thinking is wildly unhealthy in pretty much all aspects of our lives.

We NEED community. We REQUIRE a level of dependence on others. We MUST surround ourselves with strong, supportive people.

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