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How to Build Resilience: 4 Ways to Bounce Back Better

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Can you imagine how different our world would look today if Thomas Edison gave up after the thousands of failed attempts at making a working lightbulb?

Or if Beethoven quit making music once he’d gone deaf?

The truth is, if you’re on the path to mastery, adversity is unavoidable. To do anything of value is to open yourself up to challenges, doubts and pain.

How do we deal with the fact that life will always throw us these curveballs?

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Morning Routines Matter: The Three Key Ingredients for Setting your Day for Success

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One of the best ways to make sure that you have a successful day, every day, is to build a morning routine that sets you up for success. Why do mornings matter? If you think of your day as a piece of music, how you spend your morning sets the tone, and rhythm for the rest of your day. Set your tone and rhythm for success, and success will follow.

To set yourself up for success each morning, here are the three ingredients you need to include in your morning routine, with some tips on how to get them.

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Leveraging the Power Of Vision Statements : 3 Steps to Crafting a Personal and Professional Vision Statement

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In a world that’s becoming more complex by the day – both in business and day-to-day life, many of us are feeling rudderless. As the number of things we could be focusing on grows, our attention for what actually matters begins to slip away. This is where having a strong vision statement, especially for leaders, becomes so important.

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Why Reading Matters: 4 Ways to Fit More Reading Time into Your Day

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The much-celebrated Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco famously had a personal library containing a whopping 30,000 books. While of course, even the most voracious readers wouldn’t come close to reading anywhere near that number of books in their lifetime, for Eco, this library served a different purpose.

Rather than being about bragging rights, the library was there to act as a constant reminder of the many, many things that he didn’t know.

In the age of constant upheaval and change that we’re living in, the number of things that we don’t know is growing by the day. So, if you’re not reading, and reading constantly, you can be sure that your competitors who are reading know something that you don’t.

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5 tips to increase productivity and empower your employees

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When it comes to the quality of employee performance, it’s no secret that trustworthy leadership plays a massive role. Poor leadership can result in low-performing people, teams, and morale.

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