Can Business Success Be Predicted?

Now more than ever business leaders need to be able to predict the future success or failure of their business and the capability of their leaders. Can you? 

In a world-first qualitative and quantitative study the attitudes and motivations of leaders of startups that exited successfully after 5 years between $6mill and $1.2bill and leaders of businesses that scaled successfully over 10-15 years were examined. The result confirmed statistically significant correlations between their motivations, mindset, and venture success. 

From this study, a revolutionary people analytics tool was developed called Fingerprint for Success by Founder and CEO, Michelle Duval. For Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and people in any role at work this online tech app supports companies and employees in the following way:

  • Talent Assessment Tool
  • Leadership Benchmarking Tool
  • Leadership Ranking Tool
  • Culture Mapping Tool
  • Team Comparison and Performance Tool
  • On-demand coaching and advice Tool

In minutes you can uncover you and your team’s unique Fingerprint for Success, or what makes them perform at work. The opportunity is to understand 48 of your unique motivations and attitudes in the context of work. What is it that drives you, motivates you the most, gives you energy, and creates top performance, and what de-motivates you, drains you, and kills performance?

F4S also benchmarks you and your team’s motivations against the world’s best leaders. This shows you where your mindset is aligned and not, and what you need to focus on to develop the best mindset possible supporting top behaviour and results.

World-class companies have embedded this productivity tool into their companies to improve the human dynamics of collaboration, preventing conflict and loss of talent, developing leadership, creating high performing teams, designing high performing cultures, recruiting and matching the right person to the role and culture, and much more. 

Cutting-Edge Tool

Learn 3 more ways about how companies are working with Fingerprint for Success around the world today and how this cutting-edge tool can benefit you or your team.

  1. Culture trumps Strategy every time! The key to a strong dynamic workforce is culture. Many companies struggle with their culture and to get teams to collaborate, innovate, and change the way they think.Culture Mapping is available through F4S to allow leadership to learn the key elements of their culture that currently exists. Discover who the best leaders are for specific roles and create high performing teams.
  2. Executive and Team Development is something that most businesses are investing in as it typically gives a high ROI. But are you investing in programs custom-designed according to your executives and team Strengths and Blindspots?The challenge is how do you understand the motivations that guide your executives and teams so that you can get the best out of them as well as create bespoke trainings according to their needs.
  3. In recruitment it is critical to assess candidates beyond the candidate’s skills and experience to accurately identify attitudes and motivations that are a best fit for the role and culture.F4S identifies those candidates who have the right DNA to naturally thrive in your unique company culture. You can also compare candidates against existing high performers to assist with succession planning and much more.

Ask yourself…how would it benefit me to start the journey of 2021 by discovering my unique Fingerprint for Success today? How can your company best apply F4S today and why?

Note: Have a certified F4S consultant (Timothy Carroll) give your leaders a debrief to discover their Strengths and Blindspots. Discover the type of leader that you are most aligned with, an entrepreneur or business scaler. Become aware of your leaders and teams’ unique DNA in an individual Executive Debrief or a Team Debrief diving into team synergies, talents, team blindspots, and tools for enhancing communication, productivity, and performance.


Your very own Fingerprint for Success De-brief

  • Learn what your strengths and blindspots are in business and as an entrepreneur or leader.
  • Benchmark your mindset against the world’s best leaders.
  • Get feedback, study, and learn how to improve your capabilities.
  • Discover your own personal fingerprint for success development plan.

The first step, complete the F4S assessment by signing up here. Make your inquiry here.

Fingerprint for Success Coaching

  • Overcome Risks for venture failure.
  • Improve your strengths to increase your performance.
  • Become a high performing people-centric leader.
  • Learn how to lead yourself for success.
  • Create success habits for scaling your business.

Includes a debrief, 3 months of coaching 1-to-1 with Timothy, actions between sessions, and high accountability. Inquire here NOW to ensure your kick start to 2021.

Executive Coaching

  • Scale your performance and improve your capability.
  • Scale your business and increase your revenue.
  • Learn to do less and achieve more.
  • Discover how to perform like a world-class athlete.
  • Master the art and science of leading and influencing people.
  • And much more.

Executive Coaching is the number 1 methodology in the world for getting better results. It has consistently a super high Return on Time, Investment, and Energy and typically pays for itself 10x over or more. Work 1-to-1 with Timothy for 6 months towards hitting specific targets. A bespoke development plan is created according to your needs after the initial assessment is completed. Inquire here NOW to ensure your business success in 2021.

Evolutionary Leadership Coaching

By application only for company leaders and high net worth individuals that lead or own 7, 8 or 9 figure revenue businesses. Timothy only works with a handful of these Leaders a year. This is not for everyone and if this is you then inquire here to create the results you deserve in 2021.